How to Pay via Paytm

ALERT: We will NEVER call to ask you your card details or any personal information. Any calls made will be simply related to the order, and the products selected and NOT in relation to the payment method. After you’ve added items to the cart, and written in your shipping and billing addresses, it’s time to make a payment! You can pay via Razorpay or Paytm. 

  1. Click on Paytm (Pay via your Paytm account) 

  2. A new screen pops up. You should now be able to select a payment method of your choice.

  3. You can now choose to pay via 

    1. Paytm - You should enter the registered paytm number here.

    2. Credit Card

    3. Debit Card

    4. Net Banking

And voila! You have made a successful payment via Razorpay. Please make sure that the correct address and phone number is typed in, to ensure timely delivery.